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Several tutorials are planned on the latest trends in industrial electronics and industrial informatics. If you are interested in organizing a tutorial, please download the template and contact to Tutorials Co-Chairs at tutorials@iecon2020.org.

Important date

§  Deadline for submission of tutorial proposals:   April 26, 2020


Accepted Tutorials


T01: Technologies for Hardware In the Loop Simulation of Complex Power Converters

Min Luo (Switzerland)


T02: Distributed Energy Storage Systems in Smart Grids

Yu Wang (Singapore), Sidun Fang (Singapore), Bin Gou (Singapore),Wenli Yao (China), Frede Blaabjerg (Denmark)


T03: Pulse-Width-Modulation: with freedom to optimize EMI

Dong Jiang (China)


T04: Key Technologies of High Frequency and Very High Frequency Power Converters

Yijie Wang, Yueshi Guan, Dianguo Xu (China)


T05: Diagnosis, prognosis and fault tolerance control for fuel cell systems

Zhongliang Li(France), Zhixue Zheng (France), Jian Chen (China)


T06: Modular Multilevel Converters: from classic DC/AC to emerging DC/DC applications

Fujin Deng, Binbin Li (China)


T07: Air balancing technologies for the super low energy buildings

Cai Wenjian, Zhang Xin, Cui Can (Singapore)


T08: Recent Advances in Disturbance/Uncertainty Estimation and Attenuation (DUEA) Methods: Theory and Applications

Shihua Li (China), Makoto Iwasaki (Japan), Jun Yang (China), Wen-Hua Chen (UK), Lei GUO (China)


T09: Generic and systematic stability study in power electronics systems

Frede Blaabjerg (Denmark), Xin Zhang (Jack) (Singapore), Qianwen Xu (Singapore)


T10: Harmonic Control and Compensation in Grid-Connected Power Converters

Yongheng Yang (Denmark), Keliang Zhou (China), Chi-Seng Lam (China)


T11: Towards More Reliable, Flexible and Secure Power Electronic Systems

Subham Sahoo (Denmark), Yongheng Yang (Denmark), Huai Wang (Denmark)


T12: EMC Design Fundamentals for Power Electronics Converters

Ilknur Colak (Germany)